Essential Pilates

The basics of Classical Pilates at a slower pace Essential Pilates makes you feel longer and more alert.

In Essential Pilates, you practice the basics of Classical Pilates at a slower pace. You learn the essential exercises in the original order, with proper breathing and controlled movements with a clear intention. Learn to improve your strength, flexibility and body awareness and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Benefits of Essential Pilates

  • Suitable for Everyone regardless of your current fitness level, age, physique or if you have any injuries. This is because Classical Pilates consists of over 600 basic exercises where these can be modified as needed. The exercises are thus tailored for both beginners as well as professional athletes!
  • This is a Full Body Workout where you also train strength and flexibility in the arms and legs, although Classic Pilates focuses very much on your inner abdominal muscles. Classical Pilates is thus a very effective training method compared to many other forms of exercise
  • Improves body awareness by paying attention to which muscles you engage in at each exercise. Coordinating both breathing and different movements provides an extra useful challenge. Learning to focus on the flow of movements together with the breathing technique is useful in everyday life and extremely useful for other forms of exercise as well.
  • Increases Flexibility by focusing on individual muscle groups while learning to relax in others. Many exercises are therefore based on increasing the movement in the joints and improving the flexibility of the muscles
  • Improves posture by increasing your inner stomach strength and getting to know your body better. A good posture is a direct result of a strong internal abdominal muscles
  • Improves Performance for a wide range of activities such as golf, running, cycling, skiing, tennis, dancing and much more! A strong internal abdominal muscle means more power from the middle of your body when you rotate the torso and increases performance in most sports. Expect better posture, coordination, control and flexibility for all types of athletes
  • The risk of injury is reduced by getting a better balance in the body when you strengthen your weaker muscles. Bad backs are improved by building more support and stability in the muscle groups that hold the spine up
  • Improves Balance and Joint Health which is especially important as we get older. Classical Pilates also improves the blood circulation in the body, which gives a feeling of increased well-being