An active work environment

Active work environment

With the help of active work environment work, we can together develop operations, employees and work environment in a way that promotes good health in the workplace.

Why is an active work environment Important?

It determines both the employees’ development and well-being and the development of the entire business. The benefits of active work environment work are many.

For the employees

  • Prevents accidents, occupational injuries and ill health
  • Provides conditions for personal development through influence over work content and work environment
  • Gives employees the conditions to do a good job for their residents, users, clients, students, children and patients

For the business

  • Leads to lower sick leave
  • Creates attractive workplaces that make employees stay
  • Involves committed employees who contribute to the business’s quality, results and goals

Our work environment is affected by, among other things

  • How the physical environment is organized
  • The atmosphere and the social environment
  • Technology and IT systems used
  • What the work organization looks like
  • What the work contains

What is a good work environment for us?

The purpose of the exercise is to stop and think about what is important in your own workplace.


  1. Divide into smaller groups.
  2. Discuss in groups what characterizes a good work environment and agree on five characteristics, note on notepads. A tip is to start with everyone having a few minutes to think and take notes on their own. Then you take the discussion and agree on five characteristics.
  3. Report in a large group by setting up and sorting the notes on a board or flipchart. Is it about the same characteristic or is the variation large? Compare and summarize what your image of a good work environment looks like.

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